Goal: Increase local investment opportunities, with a focus on local businesses that measure their success against all three pillars of the triple bottom line – economic, ecological and social.


Currently, there are very few local investment options that are accessible to mainstream investors. Fund Milwaukee envisions a new kind of investment opportunity designed to connect small, primarily non-accredited investors, with social entrepreneurs dedicated to improving the well-being of society and the environment in Milwaukee.

Fund Milwaukee will ensure that economic power resides locally—to the greatest extent possible—in order to sustain vibrant, livable communities and healthy ecosystems. Fund Milwaukee will engage average citizens in the creative process and shared risk of entrepreneurial problem solving.

Fund Milwaukee will link and enhance the social and economic fabric of Milwaukee by learning and investing in each other one idea at a time, creating a transparent partnership in which we collaborate as investors and business owners to solve our social problems.

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Fund Milwaukee is run by a small group of volunteers who are not investment professionals. Group members organize meetings and other educational resources about local investing. We do not offer any legal, financial or investment advice. We do not solicit, offer, recommend or endorse any investment opportunities. Any financial decisions you make are at your own risk.