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The Fund Milwaukee organizing committee is thrilled to partner with Honeycomb Credit, a Pittsburgh-based online crowdfunding platform that unlocks growth opportunities for small businesses to build vibrant, financially empowered communities.

Honeycomb’s goal to connect local businesses and investors is very much aligned with the mission of Fund Milwaukee. We believe that the Honeycomb model adds another great tool for both Milwaukee investors and businesses.

Similar to Fund Milwaukee, Honeycomb offers small business owners a non-bank-based option to receive fair-priced capital, marketing and community buzz while investors earn a return and contribute to the growth of their local economy. 

While Fund Milwaukee primarily connects businesses with investors through live pitch events, the Honeycomb online platform adds to Milwaukee’s investing scene in some important ways:

  • Honeycomb investors can loan as little as $100 (Honeycomb deals are debt only, not equity). 

  • In addition to capital, a Honeycomb campaign supports small business owners with online marketing opportunities and increased customer engagement.

  • The Honeycomb team works closely with business owners to maximize the possibility that their campaign will be fully funded. Honeycomb files the proper due diligence with the SEC, creates a personalized campaign page with video and photography, and works with the business owner throughout the campaign with weekly strategy calls.

Juli Kaufmann, one of the founders of Fund Milwaukee, says about the partnership: “This collaboration marries aligned purpose with the power of both local leadership and a platform that can enable scale and broader impact. Together, Fund Milwaukee and Honeycomb Credit advance a shared vision of local investing into our next decade.”

Fund Milwaukee will continue to hold pitch events as we have for over 10 years, and when it makes sense we will connect interested Fund Milwaukee businesses with our friends at Honeycomb. We’re excited to welcome Honeycomb to the local investing ecosystem as another way to foster our mission to create a culture and launch tools that inspire, educate and enable local residents to invest in local businesses.

For more information about Honeycomb Credit in Milwaukee, visit their website here.