If you are a local business in need of a loan or able to sell equity to a group of local investors your first step is to attend a pitch meeting. Pitch meetings are typically held bi-monthly but that can be flexible based on need.


Once you have attended a pitch meeting you are able to become a member. Membership is important because we are a group of family and friends that invest in eachother’s businesses, your membership acknowledges your friendship.

At the pitch meeting it is a good time to meet the current Business Liaison who will work with you as you prepare for your pitch.

Prepare your Pitch

Use our Qualification Check List for our pitch requirements

The Pitch Guide has some ideas of what investors are looking to hear during your pitch and items that other presenters have found to be useful.

Before your pitch, make sure you share positive press you have received, invite your friends and family to support you and engage your social network.

Your pitch at fund Milwaukee is just the beginning, be sure to follow up with individuals you meet there and others who express interest in what you are doing.

Not all pitches get funded, while we want you to be successful we also hope that you see the benefit of presented your business to a group who is engaged in the local economy.