What is Fund Milwaukee:

  • Our mission is to bring local investors together with local businesses that support a triple bottom line, Good for the People of Milwaukee, Good for the Planet and Profitable

  • “Social platform for investing”

  • Fund Milwaukee is the matchmaker between Local people interested in investing in local businesses and Local businesses seeking funding (either loan or equity)

What is the process for investing?

  • Both investors and businesses must be members

  • Members learn about businesses at the pitch meetings held generally every other month. ---

  • Fund Milwaukee also sends out information to members after the pitch for those unable to attend or those wanting to learn more.

  • Each pitch meeting includes businesses pitching (generally two) as well as time for discussion on each pitch and a question and answer section. It is then up to the interested investors to follow-up with businesses directly.

How do I become a member of Fund Milwaukee?

  • Attend one Fund Milwaukee meeting

  • Be a friend or family of one person in the group (feel free to chat with any Board members - we are always looking for new friends). You can sign up as a member at one of our meetings or put in the request at our website.

Being a member is free and there is absolutely no obligation to invest at any point.

Fund Milwaukee may ask for information from members on investments to track success rates, etc.

Additional Information

Fund Milwaukee’s job is to connect interested investors with businesses in need of funding. We are the “matchmakers”. 

You must be a member in order to receive follow up information after the pitches

We do not guarantee any investments - all investments are done at your own risk. 

Investments are made either as a loan or equity (usually loans).



Business receives money to be paid back over a set period of time. Repayments usually include part of the principal amount plus some interest. For example, a $10,000 loan over 10 years with a 5% interest rate would be paid back in monthly installments of $106.00.


Investors pay money for a share of ownership (usually for a building). For example, $10,000 of equity in a building worth $100,000 equates to 10% ownership in this building. As an owner, you receive a % of any profits made on this building. Your ownership does not “expire” - you cannot take out your equity without an agreement from other owners to buy you out or if the building is sold. Equity investments are typically long-term investments.

If you are interested in investing, it is your responsibility to connect with the business owner(s) directly to ask any questions you have and to set up any official agreements. 

If you are not sure what questions to ask, please connect with previous investors for some advice. Fund Milwaukee Board members would be happy to connect with you other investors.