Before approaching Fund Milwaukee with your business investment opportunity, you should be able to check all of the following items:

  • My business is / will be located in or have direct impact on the greater Milwaukee area.

  • My business can demonstrate a triple bottom line – a concern for social, environmental and economic impact within the local community.

  • I have reviewed information available on the Fund Milwaukee website to learn more. 

  • I have joined Fund Milwaukee as a member.

  • I have attended at least one meeting to meet other members and observe the process.

  • I have developed my business idea fully and am ready to seek funding.


If your investment opportunity submission is of interest to Fund Milwaukee members, you may be contacted directly by Members and/or you may be invited to make an investment pitch to Fund Milwaukee members. The Pitch Guide outlines the tasks you need to complete in order to present to Fund Milwaukee, gives tips on presenting at the Fund Milwaukee meeting, and provides information on how Fund Milwaukee members can invest in your company.

After reviewing all available materials, if you have any other questions about how to raise funds with Fund Milwaukee, please email us at