Investing in local businesses means individuals get to direct their funds to a product, service or asset that is right in our community. It typically entails a level of transparency that isn’t present in other forms of investing.


It allows individuals to invest funds in businesses that are aligned with their priorities. Fund Milwaukee strives to bring in a variety of businesses that reflect the diverse community we live in.

People. Planet. Profit.

Fund Milwaukee’s goal is to introduce businesses that meet the triple bottom line. Each business must be good for the people of Milwaukee, for the planet’s environment and capable of being profitable. Fund Milwaukee does not endorse any of the businesses that present/pitch. All loans are made directly between the business and the individual.


there are the perks that come with investing in local businesses, which go beyond being able to bring your family and friends to the businesses in which you invested. Some businesses offer perks of their products or services such as discounts and free items.

Every member has different reasons why they invested in a local business. We hope that you can find your reason!