We would like all of the businesses that pitch at fund Milwaukee to be successful, but not all businesses receive funding. This is also an opportunity to share your business with a group of individuals that are passionate about local businesses. That being said there are a few trends that might help you find local investors:

1. The most successful raises have been for projects that investors can really feel a part of, something tangible, a building, machine or restaurant.

  • If a location is part of your need, make sure you have a location picked out

  • Bring samples if applicable 

2. Be very clear about how much you are asking for and how the money will be repaid:

  • Describe clearly how the money would be used and how you will make up for any gap not raised at Fund Milwaukee

  • Be clear about how much to are asking for, minimum loan amounts, interest and length of loan

  • If you can offer a perk to those that invest with you be very clear during your pitch what it will be

3. It is important to be an expert on what your business is about it is equally important to demonstrate you are an expert at your business

  • What need are you fulfilling in the market place, what sets you apart from the rest?

  • Show us the math: How will you be financially successful?