Fund Milwaukee facilitates connections between Small Businesses and Local Investors.

The best way to learn about investment opportunities is to attend our pitch meetings. They are typically held bimonthly at the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee Building. Join us to learn about two local businesses that are seeking investors, meet the business owners and have the chance to ask them questions.

Generally there are two types of deals, loans/capital that are repaid on a predetermine schedule and equity which is partial ownership. Each type comes with their own set of benefits and risks.

Every investor must determine if the deal is right for them, investing in small businesses has an inherent risk. Fund Milwaukee does not endorse any of the businesses. It is up to the investor to determine if they want to invest.

If an investor decides to invest they can reach out of the business owner in the days after the meeting. This is the perfect time to ask any questions, request more detailed financial data, etc. Every business (or investor) will handle investing differently. There should always be a contract but there could also be in person meetings or phone calls. The business might not require the funds for a couple of months or they might be looking for the funds within a couple of weeks.

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Fund Milwaukee does not endorse any of the businesses that present. All investments are made at the risk of the investor.