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Wed May


Virtual Pitch + Honeycomb Credit Partnership Launch

Wednesday May 19 at 5:30PM

Virtual Event

Hear a pitch from an innovative business and learn about our partnership with a new crowdfunding resource for Milwaukee businesses and investors!

You must register here for the event and will be sent a link to join the virtual meeting prior to the start time on May 19th.  

Greenhouse Composites

Furniture made from fallen leaves, instead of chopped down trees, and surfboards with only jute, bio-resin and tropical palm leaves, rather than foam and fiberglass, Greenhouse Composites is expanding our understanding of sustainability and in the process revealing how beautiful it can be. Their vision converges form and function to create a future where manufacturers and consumers are proactive in the design and use of products that are not only eco-friendly but also present opportunities for expanded product lines and profit. 

The patent-pending leaf-based composite created by Greenhouse provides comparable integrity to an array of plywoods and MDF’s, and completely replaces the petroleum-based expanded polystyrene and fiberglass used in the production of surfboards with jute, leaf, and plant-based bio-resin. The Greenhouse way means leaves are collected, and the forest is untouched thereby building a greater connection between how we experience and engage with our environment.

Through dialogue and input from an array of Milwaukee leaders ranging from Patra Eco-Dinnerware, Colectivo Coffee, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, and the Milwaukee School of Engineering, the team at Greenhouse Composites highlights what can be done when vision, need and purpose converge. 

The Kittyhawk moment for environmental sustainability and opportunity is here, and Greenhouse Composites is ready. 

Honeycomb Credit Partnership Launch

The Fund Milwaukee organizing committee is thrilled to announce its partnership with Honeycomb Credit, a Pittsburgh-based online crowdfunding platform that unlocks growth opportunities for small businesses to build vibrant, financially empowered communities.

Honeycomb’s goal to connect local businesses and investors is very much aligned with the mission of Fund Milwaukee. We believe that the Honeycomb model adds another great tool for both Milwaukee investors and businesses.

Similar to Fund Milwaukee, Honeycomb offers small business owners a non-bank-based option to receive fair-priced capital, marketing and community buzz while investors earn a return and contribute to the growth of their local economy. 

Learn more about Fund Milwaukee's partnership with Honeycomb here.

Meeting Agenda

5:30 pm - Welcome

5:40 pm - Greenhouse Composites Pitch, followed by Q&A

6:05 pm - Honeycomb Credit Partnership Launch

6:30 pm - Virtual event concludes