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Tue Oct


October Pitch Meeting

Tuesday October 30 at 12:00PM

Milwaukee, WI

Please join us Tuesday, October 30th for two local business presentations

5:00-5:30 Social 

5:15-Orientation about the Fund Milwaukee Process

5:30-7:00 Pitches

88.9 Radio Milwaukee

220 E. Pittsburgh Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53204

Beverages available from Stone Creek Coffee for purchase.

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Businesses that will be Presenting:

Milwaukee Bicycle Collective

Founded in 2002 in Merrill Park, Milwaukee Bicycle Collective is Milwaukee’s original 501(c)(3) non-profit community bicycle resource. Recent in-kind donations have allowed the organization to expand its service to the community, but to accommodate additional expected growth requires a larger and more visible operating and sales space. 

Some highlights from the last year for Milwaukee Bicycle Collective:
- Brokered the disposition of 1,100 bicycles from the Lake Express drive to benefit other local bicycle organizations, with a portion of the bikes going to Africa via Working Bikes in Chicago.
- Provided 200+ free bicycles (and helmets through one of our partners) for youth at the National Night Out event in Washington Park
- Provided free and low-cost bicycle repair for neighborhood youth and adults (including countless flat tire repairs!)
- Tripled sales of bicycles compared to prior years through operational and sales initiatives and organizational restructuring
- Educated 70+ volunteers and DIYers on bicycle repair and maintenance
- Provided a fleet of bicycles for Camp American Legion, a camp for veterans and their families.
- Provided 30+ bicycles to refugees.

Crumbles Handmade Delights

Crumble's history is steeped in D'Araun Brown's youth and flavored by his past. Its origins began when he was only 14 and looking to earn money as most kids do. Instead of just earning a wage, D'Araun created a company. A cookie company that over the years has grown as he's grown. From it’s humble beginnings in his basement kitchen, offering chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, to its present iteration of gourmet cookies, such as; The Hemmingway, a whiskey and toffee cookie, Winter's Tale, a harmonious melding of lemon lavender and blueberry and The Watson, a whimsical chocolate confection paired with bacon and infused with cayenne.
Little did D'Araun know that almost 30 years ago when he sought to earn extra money that he was on the precipice of something sweet.
Crumbles recipes are a mélange of flavors and spices that draw from his many travels, life experiences and a love of literature that yield taste experiences that are second to none.