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Mon Aug


August Pitch Meeting

Monday August 28 at 5:00PM

88.9 Radio Milwaukee

5pm Social
Pitches start at 530
More details to follow
Beverages available for purchase from Stone Creek Coffee

National Bobblehead HOF and Museum
The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum ( is establishing a one-of-a-kind museum in Milwaukee dedicated to bobbleheads. This unique attraction will be a fun place for locals and visitors to explore and learn all about bobbleheads. By the time of their pitch, they expect to have the location finalized and ready to announce, with a grand opening expected in Fall 2017! The HOF and Museum also produces bobbleheads, and has seen tremendous growth in that part of the business over the past three years in operation. Below are two links that provide some background on their business. Since announcing the concept in November 2014, the HOF and Museum and their bobbleheads have been featured in hundreds of local and national publications. The first link below is a December 2016 story from the Journal Sentinel and the second is a feature from the Today Show. 

Bobblehead museum: Yes, it’s a real thing

Milwaukee Denim Company

Milwaukee Denim Company designs premium apparel and accessories that embody the grit, simplicity and beauty of Milwaukee, USA. 

Based in the city of its namesake, Milwaukee Denim Co. proves that fine craftsmanship, American-made, and quality are not mutually exclusive. We strive to grow a responsible company with goods made by people earning a living wage who take pride in what we make together. 

Founder, Elmer Moore Jr., has become a passionate cheerleader of Milwaukee in his time here. Milwaukee Denim Co. is the result of his nearly four years of preparing a brand that celebrates the character and history of Milwaukee by making beautiful garments reflective of our manufacturing heritage. 

In 2015, Milwaukee Denim Co. was awarded a Manufacturing Diversity Initiative grant which helped to fund product development. Elmer is a 2017 Milwaukee Business Journal 40 Under 40 winner, the director of an entrepreneurial growth initiative that’s helped create more than 600 jobs in the region, an entrepreneurship instructor at Marquette University, a devoted husband and a true believer in Milwaukee.