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June Pitch Meeting

Monday June 26 at 12:00AM

88.9 Radio Milwaukee 220 E. Pittsburgh Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Beverages available from Stone Creek Coffee for purchase.

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Our Presenters are...

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls ( creates unique flavored, hand rolled spring rolls with fresh and local ingredients.  Trueman McGee started Funky Fresh Spring Rolls as part of a change towards a healthier lifestyle that included eating healthier food that tastes delicious.  Below are two links that provide some background on this business.  The first includes a description of the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest – Trueman was recently announced as one of ten national winners in this competition.  The second is a recent story on CBS Milwaukee about Funky Fresh Spring Rolls.
Milwaukee Blacksmith
Milwaukee Blacksmith ( is a family owned blacksmithing company that is located in the city of Milwaukee.  The Knapp family has a long history in the city and their work is well known locally.  As a result of their recent History Channel TV show “Milwaukee Blacksmith” their work is also becoming well known nationally.  Below are three links that provide some background on this business.  The first two provide some background on the history of Milwaukee Blacksmith and the third describes their most current project which is a statue for the upcoming US Open golf tournament.