Two types of deals are typically offered for fund Milwaukee members, loans/capital and equity typically in real estate.

Loans are made with a predetermined schedule for repayment.

Equity is purchased so that the investor  owns a percentage of the property. This type of deal may offer cash distribution on a regular schedule. The business owner will typically set a general expectation for payments and supplies a report of the property regularly.

All deals are made directly between business owners and investors through the Network Model which fosters a personal relationship between owners and investors. While the business owners get a new advocate for their business the investor makes interest while having a socioeconomic impact. Investing in local businesses is the next step we are taking to support local businesses, which helps to create and maintain local wealth.

It almost sounds too good to be true, and sometimes it is. Owning a small business is difficult and many of them fail. Fund Milwaukee is a platform to bring local investors together with local businesses. We do not endorse any business that presents and all deals are made at the risk of the investor.