If you are interested in learning more about local businesses that are looking for investors you can sign up for our email list (hey how do they sign up for our email list) For each upcoming pitch meeting we will share a preview of the businesses that are pitching.

Pitch meetings are typically held bi-monthly, they are the easiest way to find out more about the businesses that are looking for funds, what kind of investment they are asking for and meet the entrepreneurs.

Once you have attended a pitch you are able to become a member. Membership is important because we are a group of family and friends that invest in eachother’s businesses, your membership acknowledges your friendship.

If you choose to make a loan or buy equity all investments are made using the Network Model. The investor and business owner make the agreement directly.

Fund Milwaukee does not endorse any of the businesses that present. All investments are made at the risk of the investor.

Learn about businesses that our members have supported.