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Clock Shadow Building

Fix Development

To realize her vision for the Clock Shadow Building, developer Juli Kaufmann of Fix Development brought together a number of individual local investors who were willing to accept a ‘living rate of return’ financially, in balance with returns that are environmental, social, and cultural in nature.

From these investments, Fund Milwaukee was born. The Clock Shadow Building investors realized that they could do the same for other triple bottom line businesses and they could invite other Milwaukeeans to join them.

So, even though the individual investments were made in the Clock Shadow Building prior to Fund Milwaukee officially being launched, it is certainly one of our success stories! Investors in the Clock Shadow Building who are also founding Fund Milwaukee members include Juli Kaufmann, Sandra Priebe, Jacqueline Boynton, Robert Stockinger and Dara Chappie.

About the Clock Shadow Building

Fix Development took a vacant brownfield site in the Walker’s Point neighborhood and turned it into the Clock Shadow Building, a $7 million deep green commercial building. It features sustainable technologies, green business incubator space, health-related mission-driven nonprofit organizations, social investors, and partnerships designed to catalyze business growth in the neighborhood. The project seeks a quadruple bottom line that has positive economic, environmental, social and cultural impact.