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Central Greens


Central Greens is an aquaponic company with a two-fold mission:

  • Produce high quality, nutritional, and flavorful vegetables and fish for consumption in the Greater Milwaukee Area
  • Create opportunities for local individuals to produce their own fresh fish and vegetables through home-scale aquaponic system operation

In December of 2012, nine Fund Milwaukee members made individual investments in Central Greens to provide funding for water quality and monitoring equipment, operating capital to assist business launch and initial marketing.

The company is a combination of cutting edge, high-quality, efficient food technology that utilizes fish waste and natural biological relationships in a closed system resulting in production of both fish and plants. They also provide education, experience and research in the hydroponic and aquaponic field by conducting small courses and tours. Central Greens is committed to the improvement of taste, quality and nutritional value of the vegetables and fish produced for local customers.

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