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Want to invest?

Making just a small investment in Milwaukee businesses can have a tremendous impact.

Fund Milwaukee has researched a number of different frameworks for investing locally, a summary of which is available here.

We are concentrating on two models for local investment that allow us to make investments of all sizes and provide the greatest flexibility to investors: the Network Model and the Investment Club Model. Summaries of the the two models are below.

Fund Milwaukee members have made individual investments as low as $1,000 in Milwaukee businesses. Learn about the investments our members have made to date.


Network Model

A network of citizens who are friends, family and neighbors who want to invest locally; open to accredited and non-accredited investors alike.

This approach is about facilitating the connection between investors and entrepreneurs.

The Network Model is a network of individual member-investors who review local investing opportunities. If an individual investor finds an investment they want to make, they can draw up an agreement directly with the business owner or local entrepreneur.

Fund Milwaukee provides the opportunity to make those connections.


Investment Club Model

The Investment Club is a well-established model that is clearly allowed by the SEC with established rules. Under this approach, Fund Milwaukee functions as a club with members. The club has established rules including: joining, voting on investments, etc. The key difference is that the model is a collective approach where funds are pooled together, unlike the individual approach of the Network model. This allows investors with a small amount of available funds to combine with other investors to make a big impact.


To date, all investments have been made via the Network Model. Fund Milwaukee members continue to research the viability of the investment club model.




Interested in becoming a member?

Potential new members are welcome to attend our monthly meeting to learn more about Fund Milwaukee. Meetings are held the last Monday of every month.

For more information on becoming a member email or see below for details on a future meeting.

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